Travel and Relocation

Travel and Relocation

With a customer-centered mindset, Kerala Nightingale offers our clients holistic solutions to all their requirements until and after they reach their destination abroad. We know travelling is extremely exciting, but it may also be daunting. Adjusting to a new way of life, surrounded by people with different customs and experiences from you can be overwhelming. Do not let your fears or worries get in the way of enjoying your experience! We have solutions to help you prepare for your trip abroad. We provide you with our unique Travel Help Network to ensure and enjoy a safe and hassle free travel to where ever your desired destination may be. 1. We'll help you book your air tickets at reasonable rates 2. Do not let the unexpected affect your travel plans; we at Kerala Nightingale help you protect your journey with options for travel insurance assistance too. 3. Country wise Pre-Departure Briefing (PDB), information provided here will also assist you to make all the preparations that are necessary for staying healthy and safe abroad. We render both verbal and written PDB. 4. Kerala Nightingale delivers perfect grooming session, to our students for a smooth and easy international adaptation. Relocation assistance provided, direct or through our coordinators abroad and in certain cases through the education provider, enrolled with. 5. Provide direction on using communications like Skype, knowing very well the importance of keeping in touch with parents or guardians back at home regularly at affordable rates. 6. We make you Self-Sufficient by handing over all information a student would require, from authentic and authorized government websites. Therefore, feel free to approach our highly skilled team of professionals with international exposure who are available to assist in your travel needs.

Emergency and Legal Assistances.

Kerala nightingale will provide assistances during emergency or legal requirements.

How can we help you and why should you choose us over any other company offering a similar service?

Kerala Nightingale is innovative and forward-thinking overseas educational consultants which give excellent guidance. Several years’ success in this field leads us to opening coaching classes for various worldwide qualifying examinations for nurses. We have a proud track record of 100% success of our students in NCLEX-RN Exam. We are the only one company Directing the Nurses for their RN Licenses – US- CANADA- AUSTRALIA- NEWZEALAND and UK.

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