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Prometric Examination for Nurses is the popular name for Saudi Council Examination. In order to ensure a better employment status in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this is a priority requirement on all agencies sending nurses there. According to news in 2009 by the Manila Bulletin, thePhilippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) emphasized that nurses must pass this kind of exam when intending to work in Saudi Arabia. There is a great reason why it is being encouraged since working in foreign lands may mean that nurses must be competent enough in meeting the different nursing needs of the international clients.

This type of examination is actually similar to the nursing licensure examination that nurses must pass in the Philippines. It is the Saudi Commission that mandates the existence and efficacy of this type of examination.

The Exam Parts:

The Prometric Examination for Nurses is composed of 70 questions in multiple choice formats. In about two hours, the examinee is required to finish the whole test set. In browsing the site of Prometric Exam, you will find that the description for nurses belongs to the category nurse aide.

As a nurse technician the exam is made in order to comprise the following parts:
  • Nursing Fundamentals: 28%
  • Medical – 23%
  • Surgical – 20%
  • Pediatric – 16%
  • Community – 13%
For Nurse Specialists, there is a different way of dividing the exam. This is how it is broken down:
  • Assessment – 10%
  • Nursing Problem – 6%
  • Planning – 20%
  • Implementation – 50%
  • Evaluation – 14%

For nurse technicians, the passing rate is 45% while for nurse specialists it is 50%. What is interesting here is that the rate of the examinee is readily released after the examination. It is in a form of Score Report that the examinee will know if he or she has passed the examination.

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