Business & Management Courses

Business & Management Courses

A business degree opens up so many opportunities. If you want to be the run any kind of business, whether it’s a big multinational organisation, or as an entrepreneur, then you’ll need to study a business or management course.

At a business college, you’ll learn about creating wealth, jobs, new products and new markets. A good business degree will also explore how to balance this with social needs and environmental impact.

To succeed at a business university, you need to have a good understanding of mathematics, some analytical skills, and enjoy exploring new and creative ideas. You can choose from a wide range of specialisations at business college, including accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, international business and management.

Management courses are not just about MBAs. Whether it’s undergraduate or postgraduate business, management schools will develop the leadership and people skills, and strategic thinking, that you need to succeed in global business.

Business Course Options

There are a great number of courses to choose from, so we have selected over 10,000 at different levels of cost, location and reputation for you to compare and apply to online.

Choose to study at a business university or management school that specialises in the area you are most interested in, such as accounting, marketing, human resources or finance.

Types of Business and Management course

Business and management courses are available at foundation, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate level, including taught, research and PhD. There are a huge variety of specialisations, and the more popular ones are listed below for you to browse through.

Other options include short courses, distance learning and joint degrees, where you can combine a business degree with another subject, typically science, computing or engineering. Entry requirements vary, but all international applicants from non-English speaking countries will need to prove a certain level of English language ability. There are many types of specialist business degrees including:

  • Business Administration Degree
  • Human Resources Degree
  • Operations Management Courses
  • Business Analyst Course
  • Advertising Degree
  • Business Law Degree
  • Entrepreneurship Degree
  • Agribusiness Degree
  • Luxury Management Courses
  • Communication Degree
  • Banking Courses
  • Project Management Degree
  • Logistics Courses
  • Information Management Degree
  • Commerce Courses
  • Real Estate Degree
  • Supply Chain Management Courses
  • Auditing Courses
  • Investment Courses
  • Leadership Courses<
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