Why Kerala Nightingale?

Kerala Nightingale is an innovative and forward-thinking overseas educational consultants which give excellent guidance. We have a team of experienced multilingual counsellors to guide students through the entire process of arranging their study overseas . Since we are experienced for 17 years, we have alliance with 500 above institutions in various countries. We begin with identifying the profile and needs of the student and guiding them to select a right course in a college or university based on market trends, needs, prospects, financial budget and other relevant important aspects. This is followed up with assisting students in making applications to colleges/universities, advising them on acceptance of offer, visa submission, flight and accommodation arrangement and arriving at their study destination.

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" Kerala Nightingale is an agency with homely vibes all around, uplifting transparency in every stage of processing. "

- Ambily Sundara Babu

" I was very depressed after two visa rejections. My friend recommended Kerala Nightingale and I decided to try my luck one more time and I was not wrong!!! It was the most amazing moment when Kerala Nightingale called me to inform that I had been granted the Canadian visa. You were always there with an answer to all my queries and solutions to all my problems. Thank you Kerala Nightingale for making my dream comes true. "

-Ancy Sinto

" Kerala Nightingale is the only agency up to my knowledge, who help students with lower IELTS score to go abroad. "

-Ancy Varghese

" Kerala Nightingale is the only agency to my known who conduct program with fastest PR option. "

-Anshu Ann Abraham

" Kerala Nightingale assist us in every aspects of migration consisting a whole package from IELTS and Licensure training to Visa processing. "

-Bineesh Bijoy

" Kerala Nightingale, is the only agency which astonishes us with shortest Visa processing elapse. "

-Christina K Varghese

" Kerala Nightingale, a name you can completely trust to make your dreams come true. "

-James Antony & Minnu Maria

"Kerala Nightingale is a real blessing for anyone who dreams for a life with better prospects. "

-Jerry Babu

" The teamwork and excellence of Kerala Nightingale results in smooth processing, unaccompanied by any delay, creating a better pathway to future. "

-Seja Rachel Jeni

" Kerala Nightingale is one among the known agencies who provides best beneficial programs for any candidate irrespective of their profession. "

-Shilpa Joseph
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